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Saduragiri Hills - சித்தர்களின் நுழைவாயில்

Saduragiri Hills - சித்தர்களின் நுழைவாயில்

It had been three months we went for treks and we want to overcome our daily routine. Planned for many things but none of the plans kicked off because of summer throughout in western ghats. So finally we locked with Saduragiri as a good warm up trek for our upcoming treks.

அலையும் மனித மனதில்
அமைதி சிவ நாமம்
அதை புரிந்தவர்கள் அவனை கொண்டடுவார்கள்
புரியாதவர்கள் எண்ணத்தில் பேயாய திண்டாடுவார்கள்!! 


Started Friday (01/04/11) night from Chennai to Madurai. We booked tickets from Chennai to Madurai and vice versa. The easiest route to Saduragiri is Chennai -> Madurai -> Krishnankovil -> Watrap -> Thaaniparai. From Madurai board any bus going to Sengottai or Rajapalayam and get down in Krishnankovil. From Krishnankovil board bus to Watrap. Its 15 minutes travel and get down in Watrap, board mini autos going to Thaaniparai.

We are totally four members. Crew includes Paa, Praveen, Karthik and Myself. Travel is been very comfortable and we started our trek by 9:00 am. Finished our breakfast at krishnankovil, Tamilnadu hotel. Don't expect more from the name, but the authentic care and the taste you cannot get from our metropolitan cities.


Climb is been gradually steep but for the trekkers it will take 3 hours of climb and for freshers it will take around 5 hours. The thing is you can enjoy throughout the climb with dense forest around even though the area is been more then commercially spoiled.

Since its hot summer some stretches are hot, but 95% of the trek is cool of the dense forests around. You can found lot number of herbals around and the place is more mysterious because of Siddhargal living around the caves. Its true and there are many myths around Saduragiri. For more information check this blog http://siththarkal.blogspot.com/ .Its high voltage impressive and writing style is tremendous. Hats off.

On the way we went to Koragar Caves. Do not forget to visit the cave, that is inside the waterfall. You have to climb the sleepy waterfall using the supporting chains. Its risky but its worth taking the risk. Inside the cave you can get the calm, quiet and mysterious Lord Shiva. We meditated for few minutes and continued the trek.


We reached the top around 1:30pm in the afternoon. Throughout the year Annadhanam was there. Food was simple,tasty and caring. So no worries for food!!. Throughout the way we saw names with depth meaning. Few names are

1. Rettai Lingam (ரெட்டை லிங்கம் திரு கோயில் )
2. Naaval உற்று (நாவல் ஊற்று )
3. Paccharsi Parai ( பச்சரிசி பாறை )
4.Vana துர்க்கை (வன துர்க்கை )
5. Periya பசுகடை (பெரிய பசுகடை)
6. Athiri Maharsihi vanam (அத்திரி மகரிஷி வனம் )
7. Mathimayagum vanam(மதி மயங்கும் வனம் )

There are two temples at the top

1. Sundara Mahalingam &
2. Sandhana Mahalingam

We stayed there at the night after getting blessings at Sundara mahalingam temple. Next day morning we visited Sandhana Mahalingam temple and we planned to return to Madurai. There are numerous places around that is more then 49 places are there in the dense forest to see inclusind Periya Mahalingam. Our crew member Praveen was not feeling so well. So we dropped the plan of trekking to other places and returned to Madurai. You cannot go alone to those places without the help of the guide. Guide will be availble near the Sundara mahalingam temple. 

Few things in our memories that last for the life time in the hill are:

1. Suku Cofee
2. Annadhanam Food
3. Cold weather even at the hot summer
4. Water streams throughout the trek
5. Caring and friendly people.
6. Easy transportation methods and accommodation. (We stayed in the koil mandapam itself).

Things to Carry:

1. Pain relief spray
2. Paracetamol tablets. Because of body pain many of th people feeling feverish. To avoid this have tablets handy.
3. Blanket. Since you are gonna stay at the top of the hill it will be chilling cold even at the dry summer
4. Water 
5. Glucose.

Other eatables you can get along the way. Happy trekking guys. See you in the next post. This trip is more religious then adventurous. Adventure seeking people go to the hill with conscious mind. You will enjoy the peacefulness in the mind and even you will get a satisfied trekking feeling.

Total Trek Distance: 14Kms approx.
Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium ( Because of hot Summer!!)
Total Expenses: 1400Rs/- Approx from Chennai to Chennai.

For more photos check out my Picasso web albums


  1. Very good Aravindh. I also went there before 6 months...Natarajan house, who accompanied you during Vellingiri trip, is in Krishnankovil.

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  8. Thanks for your breif information, its good to the people who is going for the first time.

  9. a nice blog...its just a road map from chennai to saduragiri

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